Hi friends!

My name is Rachel Hughes and I’m very glad you’re here!


Let me tell you a little about myself and the content you’ll find here at A Healthier You.  The year 2018 was a game changer for me!  After a lifelong struggle with my health and weight, I have finally found balance and want to share this amazing journey with you! We’ll talk about the mental side of your health journey, finding motivation, and working through set backs. I’m also excited to share tips and tricks that have worked for me and that I hope will encourage you on your journey as well.  So lets tackle this together and become the healthiest and happiest versions of ourselves that we can be!

Contact info!

  • instagram – rachelhughes416 – follow me!  lots more ideas and recipes posted there as well.
  • email – coachrachelhughes@gmail.com
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